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Sonoran Capital Advisors is a consulting firm that focuses on corporate restructuring, conflict resolution, litigation support, interim management, investment banking and related distressed situation advisory. A boutique  firm, Sonoran provides highly specialized services meant to prevent, alleviate, and eradicate business distress. 

Sonoran is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Anyone who has traveled in the American Southwest knows of the harshness and beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Much like the desert itself, many of our clients find themselves in business and litigation wastelands. It is our job to help them avoid pitfalls and take full advantage of the resources that are there for those who know where to look. 

Financial Advisory Services

Service Offerings 

  1. Distressed Advisory: Advise debtors, creditors, investors, trustees, and other related parties involved in bankruptcies or other distressed situations.
  2. Small Business Advisory: Consult on strategy, risk reduction, structure, financial forecasting, accounting, sales and other important small business issues.
  3. Asset Sales: Conduct and oversee asset sales and liquidations to maximizing value through creativity and broad networks.
  4. Interim Management: Serve in fiduciary roles such as Interim CEO, CRO, CFO, Receiver, Chapter 11 Trustee, Liquidating Trustee, Independent Board Member.
  5. Investment Banking: Provide specialized services including debt and equity raises, spinoffs, mergers and acquisitions consulting and other related services. 

Litigation Support Services

 Service Offerings

  1. Bankruptcy Expert: Serve as expert in Chapter 11 plan confirmation litigation including interest rate analysis, fairness, and feasibility. 
  2. Fraudulent Transfer Expert: Provide expert analysis and testimony in constructive fraud, actual fraud, preference or other related avoidance action cases. 
  3. Valuation Expert: Provide valuation services in ownership disputes, divorce proceedings, or other related cases. 
  4. Consulting Serve as consulting expert and provide forensic accounting, financial modeling, and other related services in litigation support situations.  
  5. Fairness Opinions: Provide valuations, solvency opinions, fairness opinions and other related services to avoid litigation exposure. 
  6. Damages Expert: Serve as financial expert witness in damages litigation cases. 

Who we are

Matt Foster


Managing Director 

B.S. Finance University of Utah

M.B.A. Northeastern University


Matt's Profile

Bryan Perkinson


 Managing Director 

B.A. English Utah State University

J.D. Arizona State University

M.B.A. Arizona State University 

Member of Arizona Bar 


Bryan's Profile

Scott Wiley


Senior Advisor 

B.S. Accounting University of California Los Angeles

Certified Public Accountant


Scott's Profile

Dax Murray


Senior Associate 

B.S. Business Arizona State University 

M.R.E.D. Arizona State University 

M.B.A. Pepperdine University 

United States Marine Corps Vet 


Dax's Profile

Keith Mosley


Senior Counsel 

B.S. Finance Arizona State University

J.D. Columbia University 

Member of California Bar


Keith's profile

Ry Neri



B.S. Accounting Brigham Young University 


Ry's Profile

What We've Done

SkyMall: Liquidating Trustee

Appointed Chapter 11 Liquidating Trustee of airline focused retailer. Liquidated estate assets.

Appointed Chapter 11 Liquidating Trustee of name brand, airline focused retail company that filed for bankruptcy in Arizona. Oversaw the wind down of the estate, sold assets, and pursued litigation claims. 

Jumio: Interim Executive Management


Engaged as Interim CFO on the day of bankruptcy filing. Guided company through contentious Chapter 11 filing in Delaware culminating in an asset sale. Continued as CFO for new buyer and assisted in hiring a replacement as  permanent CFO. 

ITC: Creditors' Committee Advisor / Board Member


Engaged as committee financial advisor in Chapter 11 case of an Arizona based wire mesh manufacturer.  Assisted in confirmation of full pay plan. Appointed to company board of directors. 

Inca Refining / West Bank: CRO / Liquidating Trustee


Engaged as CRO of Inca Refining / West Bank Land Company, a Louisiana based, defunct oil refinery. Oversaw a contentious chapter 11 bankruptcy case, confirmed a chapter 11 plan over objections, and ultimately sold the company assets to a Taiwanese Multinational company that plans to build a $9.5 billion plastic plant on and around the site. 

Vieste: Consultant / Receiver


Engaged by bondholders in a $30 million private recycling company located inside the grounds of the City of Glendale Landfill. Engaged to consult with the City of Glendale to repurpose or liquidate the assets to maximize recovery for the bondholders, Sonoran was ultimately appointed Receiver over the assets with a mandate to liquidate.  

Seaborne Airlines: CRO


Sonoran was engaged as CRO of a distressed regional airline based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Seaborne was experiencing distress in 2017 and then was devastated by Hurricane Maria. Sonoran battled not only the financial distress of the company but the impacts of the hurricane on travel, accommodations. and electricity during course of its engagement. Ultimately, Sonoran oversaw the filing of a Chapter 11 case in Delaware and the sale of the Company to another private equity backed regional airline. 

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